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It has been entirely too long since I last blogged about having too much to do, and hence much to blog about, but also therefore not enough time to blog. So how have things been going since then? In November I mentioned a few projects I was involved in:

The Beginnings of Husserl’s Philosophy

I’m done with the edition of Brentano’s logic lectures in the appendix. I’m giving my own text a final reading and will send it on to the editors before the end of the month, if all goes as planned.

The Reception of Husserlian Phenomenology in North America

We’ve received several chapters already and I’ve made progress on my own contributions. There is still going to be a lot of work to be done after the deadline comes around later this spring.

Philosophy as Science: A Key Idea of the 19th Century

Just one week to go! The website is up: philosophyasscience.com with programme, keynote abstracts, posters, etc. Besides the keynotes, there is an impressive roster of Brentano scholars speaking in the parallel sessions, both senior and junior, local and international. Now I just have to get my own talk done …

OZSW workshop “Philosophy around 1900”

The workshop in december was great, even though one of the speakers couldn’t make it. We’ll be holding another one in June probably. I will get started on the organization after the conference.

OZSW seminar “History of Phenomenology”

After the winter holiday break, we’ve started reading section 2 of Husserl’s Ideas I: “Die Phänomenologische Fundamentalbetrachtung” / “The Considerations Fundamental to Phenomenology”.

Teaching “Styles of Science”

The course is done and finished, and we’ll hold it again next year with many improvements based on the feedback we received from the students.


Together with some senior professors, I have been coaching advanced research master students as well as graduate students and postdocs in preparing their grant applications and training them for interviews. One of the candidates we coached in the special programme for teachers has gotten funding for their PhD, one of the students in NWO’s “PhDs in the Humanities” funding has proceeded to the interview stage, but unfortunately our VENI and VIDI candidates didn’t make it.

Especially this last activity was a great learning experience for me, since I’ll be preparing my own new research project and grant application for the next NWO VIDI round in October.