Supervision & Examination

Doctoral theses

  • Sanne Stuur Whose Time Is It? Physicists and Philosophers Debating ‘Time’ ca. 1900-1930 (Manuscript Committee & Doctoral Examination Board, Radboud University Nijmegen, 2019)

Research Master theses

As examiner:

  • Lin Shan The Development of Sense Data and the Constitution Schema in Husserlian Phenomenology (third reader, University of Groningen, 2016)
  • Dyane Til A Phenomenological Intervention in the ADHD debate (30 ECTS, with oral defense, second reader and examiner, Utrecht University, 2016)
  • Diederik de Ceuster  The Phenomenological Space of Timbre (Research Master Musicology, second reader, Utrecht University, 2016)
  • Elisabeth Kraaijeveld Paul Celan, metaphor and reality. A phenomenological perspective on truth and correspondence in Celan (30 ECTS, with oral defense, third reader and examiner, Utrecht University, 2016)

Master theses

As supervisor:

  • Juan Gabriel Osorio Gil The Concept of Manifold in the Early Philosophy of Edmund Husserl (24 ECTS, with oral defense, main supervisor, KULeuven, 2012)

Student research supervision

  • Elisabeth Kraaijeveld The analogy between perception and eidetic cognition in Husserl’s Ideas (Philosophy Tutorial, 7.5 EC, Utrecht University, 2015)
  • Hein Brookhuis Galilean Science and the problem of the life-world.
An examination of Husserl’s Crisis of the European Sciences
(History and Philosophy of Science Tutorial, 7.5 EC, Utrecht University, 2015)
  • Luutzen Dijkstra Over de meervoudige betekenis van objectiviteit in de wetenschappen bij Husserl (On the Manifold Meaning of Objectivity in the Sciences in Husserl, literature module, 7.5 EC, Utrecht University, 2014)

BA Theses

As supervisor:

  • Rico Smit Het Probleem van Andere Geesten: Een Raamvertelling (12 EC, VU Amsterdam, 2020)
  • Mathijs Derksen An ethical and political view on renewable energy consumption (10 EC, Groningen, 2018)
  • André Giesing Jean-Paul Sartre: from Cartesian Freedom to Sartrean Freedom (10 EC, Groningen, 2018)
  • Dirk van der Wulp Ontologisch naturalisme (7.5 EC, Utrecht 2013)

As examiner:

  • Eduard Anaškin Communicative Action And Cross-Cultural Deliberation: In Search Of Emotions (10 EC, second examiner, Groningen 2018)
  • Kim Ederveen A Communitarian Justification of Privacy (10 EC, second examiner, Groningen 2018)
  • Marvik van Dijk Over de Mogelijkheid van een Subjectieve Ontologische Status van het Bewustzijn in Conjunctie met de Causale Geslotenheid van het Fysieke Domein (7.5 EC, second examiner, Utrecht, 2016)
  • Laura Molenaar Logical Harmony. Making sense of logical connectives (7.5 EC, second examiner, Utrecht, 2015)
  • Alex Groen Causaal contextualisme: Een zelfstandige semantische theorie of een vorm van epistemologisch contextualisme? (7.5 EC, second examiner, Utrecht 2014)
  • Nils Donselaar Sorting out the Caesar Problem. Revisiting Frege’s Grundlagen der Arithmetik (15 EC, second examiner, Utrecht 2013)
  • Daan Dronkers Change the Problem of Intrinsics – Reformulating the Problem of Temporary Intrinsics Without Distracting Semantics and Intrinsics (15 EC, external examiner, Utrecht 2013)
  • Aafke de Vos Impossible Worlds (7.5 EC, external examiner, Utrecht 2012)

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