• “Weg met de Canon? (Public lecture on the value of the canon, Zaal 3 in Den Haag in occasion of the Month of Philosophy, 15-04-2023)
  • “Meer Filosofie met Minder Canon” (Presentation at the Agora – Philosophy Day for high-school philosophy students and teachers, Amsterdam, 31-03-2023)
  • “De Canon, Conway, en Spinoza” (Presentation at the plenary meeting of the members of the Association “Het Spinozahuis”, Katwijk aan den Rijn, 18-03-2023)
  • “Onbegrip begrijpen?” (Talk following the performance of “Onder Anderen” by KASSETT, Den Haag, 21-11-2022)


  • “Meer Filosofie met Minder Canon (invited presentation for the Dutch association of high-school philosophy teachers (Vereniging Filosofiedocenten in het Voortgezet Onderwijs – VFVO), 30-09-2022)
  • Panel “Teaching the Canon” (at the World Philosophies and Traditions of Knowledge-Making workshop, VU Amsterdam, 19-09-2022)
  • “De Omgekeerde Filosofiegeschiedenis” (presentation at the KNHG Historicidagen Historians’ Days, session: “Vooruitgangsdenken in historische narratieven”, Rotterdam, 27-08-2022)
  • “Was North America Fertile Ground for the early Phenomenological Movement?” (invited presentation at the conference Euro-American Migration and the Development of Postwar Philosophy, Tilburg University, 22-08-2022)
  • “Das Intentionale Objekt als Unding: Intentionalität ohne Gegenstände” (invited presentation at the Workshop Intentionale Inexistenz bei Brentano neu interpretiert, Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg, 17-06-2022)


  • “Husserl on the Ethics of Cognitive Artifacts” (presentation at the annual OZSW conference, University of Tilburg, 03-12-2021)
  • “Reverse Engineering the Canon” (invited presentation at the Diversifying Philosophy Workshop,  Amsterdam University College, 12-11-2021)
  • “Reverse Engineering the Canon” (presentation for the Tracé Inclusie of the Comenius Network, 04-10-2021)
  • “Tools for Thought: Symbolic Intentionality and Mechanical Computation in the School of Brentano” (presentation at the departmental meeting of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 27-09-2021)
  • “Philosophy as Science as a Core Feature of the School of Brentano” (presentation at the conference The Idea of Philosophy as Science within 19th Century Thinking, The Institute of Philosophy and Psychology of the Romanian Academy, 16-09-2021)


  • Reverse Engineering the Canon” (presentation at the annual OZSW conference, University of Tilburg, 11-12 December 2020)
  • “Diversity in Philosophy (two workshops for the Dutch association of high-school philosophy teachers (Vereniging Filosofiedocenten in het Voortgezet Onderwijs – VFVO), 25 September 2020).
  • “Is the Intended Object the Intentional Object in Brentano?’ (invited talk in the Colloquium Phaenomenologicum of the Husserl-Archives Freiburg, 15 January 2020)


  • Brentano, HERMES, and the “extended” mind” (presentation at the annual OZSW conference, University of Amsterdam, 15-16 November 2019)


  • “Paulsen’s Plea for the Humanities” (presentation at The Making of the Humanities VII, Amsterdam, 15-17 November 2018)
  • “Brentano on Russell’s Paradox” (presentation at the annual OZSW conference, University of Twente, 9-10 November 2018)
  • “Brentano’s Mathematical Foundation of Science and his Critique of Comte and Mill” (presentation at Brentano – Comte – Mill: The Idea of Philosophy and Psychology as Science, University of Bucharest, 27-28 September 2018)
  • “Husserl  on the “remarkable doubling of all pure mathematical concepts”: a computational approach to axiomatic mathematics” (invited presentation at the workshop Axiomatic Mathematics and Phenomenology, Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Bucharest, 3-4 September 2018)
  • “Infinite probability: Brentano’s justification of physics” (presentation at the twelfth international congress of the Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS) in Groningen, the Netherlands, 12-07-2018)
  • “Temporal topologies in Husserl and Brentano” (Keynote at the NASEP 2018 meeting Time, Memory, and Eternity, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh (PA), USA, 15-06-2018)
  • “Putting Signs out of your Mind: Externalizing Symbolic Intentionality” (invited presentation in the seminar SÊMAINÔ Γ : Depuis les Modernes. Ontologies et phénoménologies des signes, Lille, France, 23-04 2018)


  • “The Gestalt of a Round Square: Producing Impossible Objects in the Psychological Laboratory” (annual OZSW conference, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 11-11-2017)
  • Mathesis Universalis from Leibniz to Husserl (invited presentation at the conference Mathesis, Grund, Vernunft. Von Leibniz zu Husserl, University of Freiburg, Germany, 08-11-2017)
  • Husserl’s relation to Hilbert and the transition through the impossible” (invited presentation at the Center for the Study of Language, Mind and Society at the university of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, 18-10-2017)
  • “Brentano as a Logicist” (invited presentation at the conference Die Philosophie Franz Brentanos – Zweite Internationale Konferenz Graz 1977 / 2017. In Erinnerung an Rudolf Haller, in Graz, 07-10-2017)
  • “Husserl’s Early Philosophy of Computation and its Origin in the School of Brentano” (presentation at the conference At the Origins of Phenomenology organised by the North American Society for Early Phenomenology (NASEP), Seattle, 03-06-2017)
  • “The Role and Relevance of the Philosophy of Mathematics in the School of Brentano” (invited presentation at the conference Franz Brentano Centenary 1838–1917 organised by The Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 31-05-2017)
  • “De Verveling, het Niets, en de Eeuwige Rust” (lecture for the Philosophy Student Association “Icarus”, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 18-04-2017)
  • “The Mechanization of Consciousness in the 19th Century” (presentation at the Work in Progress Seminar of the Center for the History of Philosophy and Science of the Radboud University Nijmegen, 10-02-2017 )
  • “The Quest for the Analytic a priori Foundation of Mathematics in the School of Brentano” (presentation at the seminar of the Department of Continental Philosophy at the Charles University Prague, 13-01-2017)


  • “Symbolic Intentionality in Mind and Machine: A Brentanian Framework” (yearly OZSW conference, Groningen, 10-12-2016)
  • “How Can an Empiricist Have a Philosophy of Mathematics? Brentanist Mathematics between A Priori and A Posteriori” (Nijmegen-Groningen Colloquium, 18-11-2016)
  • “Symbolic Intentionality and its Applications” (international workshop “The School of Brentano and the Rise of Scientific Philosophy”, Utrecht University, 29-09-2016)
  • “Husserl and Koyré on Russell’s Paradox” (presentation at the fifth OZSW workshop Philosophy around 1900, Utrecht University, 20-06-2016)
  • “Doing the Impossible: When Vorstellungsproduktion Breaks Down” (Invited presentation at the international conference Psychological Themes in the School of Alexius Meinong, Université de Liège, 26-05-2016)


  • “Brentano against Kant: The Critique of the Synthetic A Priori in the School of Brentano” (presentation at the History of Philosophy Colloquium, Utrecht University, 16-12-2015)
  • “The Mechanization of Consciousness in the 19th Century” (presentation at the yearly OZSW conference, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 11/12-12-2015)
  • “Lovelace and Descartes on the limits and possibilities of thinking machines” (presentation at the Ada Lovelace Workshop Texts and Contexts: The Cultural Legacies of Ada Lovelace, University of Oxford, 08-12-2015)
  • “What and How do our Presentations Represent?” (invited lecture at the conference Mind and Metaphysics: First Meeting of the Brentano Research Network, University of Salzburg, 30-11/01-12-2015)
  • “Die Gestalten und das Gestalten der Welt” (invited lecture at the conference Christian von Ehrenfels: Philosophie – Gestaltpsychologie – Kunst, Alexius-Meinong-Institut – Forschungsstelle und Dokumentationszentrum für Österreichische Philosophie, Universität Graz, 27/28-11-2015)
  • “How Brentano met Aristotle’s Friend, the Son of Diares” (presentation at the fourth OZSW workshop Philosophy around 1900, Utrecht University, 24-11-2015)
  • “The Metaphysics of the Mind in Christian von Ehrenfels’ Cosmogony” (presentation at the third OZSW workshop Philosophy around 1900, Utrecht University, 29-06-2015)
  • “The Foundation of Philosophy as Science” (plenary session at the conference Philosophy as Science: A Key Idea of the 19th Century, Utrecht University, 11-04-2015)


  • “The Role of Symbolic Presentations in the Sciences” (presentation at the second OZSW workshop Philosophy around 1900, Utrecht University, 03-12-2014)
  • “Brentano’s Science of Consciousness: An Interdisciplinary Paradigm” (presentation at the yearly conference of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (Onderzoekschool Wijsbegeerte – OZSW), Radboud University Nijmegen, 08-11-2014)
  • “Against the mechanization of the mind: Brentano’s psychology as the ultimate foundational and interdisciplinary Geisteswissenschaft” (presentation at the conference The Making of the Humanities IV: Connecting Disciplines, at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR), Italy, 16-10-2014)
  • “Time of Consciousness and Consciousness of Time” (Humanities Lectures series of the graduate school of humanities, Utrecht University, 07-10-2014)
  • “Brentano’s Science of Consciousness and the Mechanization of the Mind in the 19th century” (presentation at the first OZSW workshop Philosophy around 1900, Utrecht University, 01-07-2014)
  • “Brentano’s Project of Philosophy as Science and the Foundation of Psychology as Science of Consciousness” (presentation for the Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities at Utrecht University, 20-05-2014)
  • “Brentano and Marty on the Significance of Improper Presenting” (invited lecture at the conference Mind and Language: Franz Brentano’s Legacy in Prague. Commemorating the Centenary of the Death of Anton Marty (1847-1914), Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 14-05-2014)
  • “The Brentanist Philosophy of Mathematics as Foundation for Husserl’s Early Works” (at the NASEP Conference Early Influences of Phenomenology at Boston College, Boston, 05-04-2014)
  • “Edmund Husserl’s Early Works in the Context of the Brentanist Philosophy of Mathematics” (invited lecture at the workshop Der frühe Husserl innerhalb und außerhalb der Brentano-Schule. Neue Ansätze zur Entstehung der Phänomenologie at the Husserl-Archives in Cologne, 07-03-2014)
  • “The Development of Husserl’s Philosophy and the Method of Transcendental Reduction” (workshop for Research Master students, Utrecht University, 30-01-2014)
  • “The Historical Context of Phenomenology” (opening lecture for the OZSW reading group on the history of phenomenology, Utrecht University, 13-01-2014)


  • “Christian von Ehrenfels’ Reform of Sexual Ethics” (For the students’ association FUF forum, in Dutch, Utrecht University, 10-12-2013)
  • “Philosophy as Science: The Project of the School of Brentano” (first annual conference of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (Onderzoekschool Wijsbegeerte – OZSW), Erasmus University Rotterdam, 15-11-2013).
  • “The Position of Ethics in Brentano’s Philosophy” (lunch meeting of the practical philosophy section in Utrecht, 14-11-2013)
  • “Philosophy as Science: The Project of the School of Brentano” (presentation of my VENI research project at the Philosophy Research Showcase, Utrecht University, 06-09-2013)
  • Comment on Jean Baptiste Fournier “Husserl’s and Carnap’s Raumbücher and the Elaboration of their Concept of Constitution” (Meeting of the Husserl-Circle in Graz, 21-06-2013)
  • “Karl Schuhmann as a Historian of Philosophy” (presentation at the Schuhmann Colloquium, Utrecht University, 13-06-2013)


  • “Making the Humanities Scientific: Brentano’s project of Philosophy as Science and the Foundations of the Human Sciences” (presentation at the conference The Making of the Humanities III: The Making of the Modern Humanities, at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR), Italy, 02-11-2012)
  • “Mathematics as a Central Issue in Brentanist Descriptive Psychology” (invited lecture at the conference “Logical Realism”,  Institute for Philosophy at Leiden University, 21-08-2012)
  • “Three Common Misconceptions about Early Husserl” (in Dutch: “Drie wijdverbreide misvattingen over de vroege Husserl”, presentation for the History of Philosophy Colloquium, Utrecht University, 02-02-2012)


  • “Husserl’s Psychology of Arithmetic” (Invited guest lecture in the seminar “Entre phénoménologie et psychologie: Le problème de la passivité”, Université de Liège, May 3, 2011)
  • Comment on George Heffernan “A Critical Analysis of the Methodical Reduction of Evidence to Adequate Self‐Givenness in Husserl’s Die Idee der Phänomenologie” (Meeting of the Husserl Circle in Florence, April 29, 2011)


  • “Husserl e Frege: Da Capo?” (Invited guest lecture in the seminar under direction of Prof. Beatrice Centi, Universitá di Parma, 21-12-2010)
  • “Husserl’s Notion of Manifold: Beyond Cantor and Riemann” (Invited guest lecture in the seminar Formes et Trasformations, under direction of Dr. Claudio Majolino, Université Lille III, 26-11-2010)


  • “Existential and Categorical Judgements: From Trendelenburg to Russell” (Conference Days of Judgement, Leiden, 27 September 2009)
  • Comment on Mirja Hartimo “Holism, Contextuality, and Compositionality in Husserl’s Logical Investigations” (Meeting of the Husserl Circle in Paris, June 24, 2009)
  • “Husserl’s Conception of the Ego in relation to Munich Phenomenology” (Phenomenology – Sciences – Philosophy, conference on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Edmund Husserl’s birth, Leuven, 3 April 2009)


  • “Phenomenology in Context” (Presentation at the Graduate Workshop in Phenomenology of the Husserl-Archives Leuven, 27 May 2008)
  • “Husserl and Frege: a Prequel” (Invited guest lecture in the seminar under direction of Prof. Morscher, Fachbereich Philosophie, Universität Salzburg, 24 April 2008)
  • “Husserl’s Discovery of the Pure Ego” (Invited guest lecture in the seminar under direction of Prof. Kohák and Mgr. Takács, Charles University in Prague, 22 April 2008)


  • “Husserl on Imaginary Numbers” (meeting of the Husserl Circle in Prague, April 22-28, 2007)


  • “Husserl’s Critique of Double Judgements” (conference Husserl Arbeitstage: “Phenomenology & Language”, Husserl-Archives Leuven 23-25 November 2006)
  • “Sources of Husserl’s early Philosophy of Mathematics” (Invited guest lecture at the workshop Topics in Husserl’s Philosophy of Mathematics at the Husserl-Archives in Cologne, 2006)

Other Engagement & Outreach

  • Participation in the National Conference on Grant Applications and Peer Review of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (04-04-2017)
  • Philosophical Café on “Filosofie als wetenschap?” (08-03-2016)
  • Docentencafé FUF on “De Mechanisering van de Geest in de 19e Eeuw” (08-01-2016)
  • Participation in the Science for Science conference contributing to the Dutch National Science Agenda (16-06-2015)
  • Presentation at the Funding Days of Utrecht University on VENI grants (25-06-2013)
  • Presentation for the PhD Network Utrecht (PrOUT) on VENI grants (13-02-2013)
  • Presentations at the Cognitive Artificial Intelligence StudyDays on the courses Introduction to Cognitive Science (2003 & 2004) and Philosophy of Cognitive Science (2004, as substitute), Faculty of Philosophy, Utrecht University.
  • Poster Presentation at the conference “Het Onderwijs Meester” (“Mastering Teaching) 9 (2001, Utrecht University)
  • Public lecture for prospective students on “Spinoza and Freedom of Speech”, with C. van Sijl (2001).
  • Organizer Philosophy StudyDays for first year students (1999-2001, Faculty of Philosophy, Utrecht University)

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