Supervision & Examination

Research Master theses

As examiner:

  • Lin Shan The Development of Sense Data and the Constitution Schema in Husserlian Phenomenology (third reader, University of Groningen, 2016)
  • Dyane Til A Phenomenological Intervention in the ADHD debate (30 ECTS, with oral defense, second reader and examiner, Utrecht University, 2016)
  • Diederik de Ceuster  The Phenomenological Space of Timbre (Research Master Musicology, second reader, Utrecht University, 2016)
  • Elisabeth Kraaijeveld Paul Celan, metaphor and reality. A phenomenological perspective on truth and correspondence in Celan (30 ECTS, with oral defense, third reader and examiner, Utrecht University, 2016)

Master theses

As supervisor:

  • Juan Gabriel Osorio Gil The Concept of Manifold in the Early Philosophy of Edmund Husserl (24 ECTS, with oral defense, main supervisor, KULeuven, 2012)

BA Theses

As supervisor:

  • Mathijs Derksen An ethical and political view on renewable energy consumption (10 EC, Groningen, 2018)
  • André Giesing Jean-Paul Sartre: from Cartesian Freedom to Sartrean Freedom (10 EC, supervisor, Groningen, 2018)
  • Dirk van der Wulp Ontologisch naturalisme (7.5 EC, supervisor, Utrecht 2013)

As examiner:

  • Eduard Anaškin Communicative Action And Cross-Cultural Deliberation: In Search Of Emotions (10 EC, second examiner, Groningen 2018)
  • Kim Ederveen A Communitarian Justification of Privacy (10 EC, second examiner, Groningen 2018)
  • Marvik van Dijk Over de Mogelijkheid van een Subjectieve Ontologische Status van het Bewustzijn in Conjunctie met de Causale Geslotenheid van het Fysieke Domein (7.5 EC, second examiner, Utrecht, 2016)
  • Laura Molenaar Logical Harmony. Making sense of logical connectives (7.5 EC, second examiner, Utrecht, 2015)
  • Alex Groen Causaal contextualisme: Een zelfstandige semantische theorie of een vorm van epistemologisch contextualisme? (7.5 EC, second examiner, Utrecht 2014)
  • Nils Donselaar Sorting out the Caesar Problem. Revisiting Frege’s Grundlagen der Arithmetik (15 EC, second examiner, Utrecht 2013)
  • Daan Dronkers Change the Problem of Intrinsics – Reformulating the Problem of Temporary Intrinsics Without Distracting Semantics and Intrinsics (15 EC, external examiner, Utrecht 2013)
  • Aafke de Vos Impossible Worlds (7.5 EC, external examiner, Utrecht 2012)

Classes & Seminars

Courses at Leiden University

  • Introduction to Logic (English, BA1, Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives program, 2018/2019)
  • Taalfilosofie (Dutch, BA1, 2018/2019)

Courses at Radboud University Nijmegen (RU):

  • Modern Philosophy (Dutch, pre-master, 2018/19)
  • Modern Philosophy (Dutch, BA1, 2017/18)

Courses at the Free University Amsterdam (VU):

  • Modern Philosophy (Dutch, BA1, 2017/18)
  • Original Freedom (English, BA, 2017/18, minor “Philosophy of Freedom”)
  • Modern Philosophy (Dutch, BA1, 2016/17)

Courses at the University of Groningen:

  • History of Philosophy II: 19th and 20th century (English, BA, 2017/18, minor)
  • History of Philosophy II (English, BA, 2017/18, Honours College)
  • History of Philosophy I: From Plato to Kant (English, BA, 2016/17, minor, with Tamer Nawar)
  • History of Philosophy II: From Hegel to Arendt (English, BA, 2016/17, minor, with Martin Lenz)
  • History of Philosophy II (English, BA, 2016/17, Honours College, with Martin Lenz)
  • History of Philosophy 4: The20th Century (Dutch, BA, 2016/17, with Martin Lenz)

Courses at Utrecht University:

  • Stijlen van Wetenschap: Wetenschapsfilosofische analyse van wetenschappen (Dutch, BA 2nd year, 2014/15 & 2015/16, together with Janneke van Lith)
  • Ricoeur and Phenomenology: An Introduction to Phenomenology (Dutch, BA 2nd/3rd year, 2012/2013)
  • Philosophy in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance at HOVO (Higher Education for the Elderly, coordination)

Courses at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven:

Guest lectures in Utrecht:

  • “Edmund Husserl’s Philosophy as Rigorous Science” for History of Philosophy III (07-06-2016)
  • “Edmund Husserl’s Philosophy as Rigorous Science” for History of Philosophy III (11-06-2015)
  • “The scientific revolution: Bacon and others” for Early Modern Philosophy at HOVO (Higher Education for the Elderly) (17-11-2014)
  • “Dante and Petrarca” for Philosophy in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance at HOVO (Higher Education for the Elderly) (06-01-2014)
  • “Edmund Husserl” for Adventurous Thought: Threads in the Development of Philosophy 1792-1927 at HOVO (Higher Education for the Elderly) (17-01-2012)
  • “Franz Brentano” and “Gilbert Ryle” for Introduction to Philosophy at the University College Utrecht (15-11-2011)
  • “Edmund Husserl’s Philosophy as Rigorous Science” for History of Philosophy III (17-06-2011)

Assistantships at Utrecht University:

  • Teaching assistant Introduction to Cognitive Science, with Dr. H. Kunst and Dr. I. Hooge (2003/2004, 2004/2005, 2005/2006 & 2006/2007)
  • TA Philosophy of Science, with Dr. J.H. Van Lith (2001/2002)
  • TA Philosophy of Science, with Dr. I.E.J. Douven (2000/2001)

OZSW Dutch Research School of Philosophy:

  • Study group “Philosophy around 1900” (blog | site)
  • Reading group “History of Phenomenology”

Vrije Academie

  • Het ontstaan van de moderne wetenschap (Utrecht, Dutch, Fall 2018)

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