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The reason why I haven’t been blogging much lately, is that there is so much to blog about, that I cannot seem to find the time to actually blog about it … So here is a list of ongoing projects that have expanded to fill all available time:

The Beginnings of Husserl’s Philosophy

My book on Husserl’s early philosophy. My own text is actually long since done, but I’m still working on the edition of Brentano’s logic lectures in the appendix. I am using the lecture notes kept at the Husserl-Archives with signature Y 2 and Y 3, and integrating the gaps with a transcription of Brentano’s own notes in EL 72, plus notes by Höfler (discovered in Graz with signature E.2.1) and Hillebrand.

The Reception of Husserlian Phenomenology in North America

An edited book together with Michela Ferri, under contract with Springer for the Contributions to Phenomenology series. We have recruited quite a few notable senior and junior scholars for this project. I’ll be contributing two chapters as well.

Philosophy as Science: A Key Idea of the 19th Century

A conference together with Paul Ziche, to be held April 9 to 11, 2015, more details to follow. Sneak preview: I’ve invited the editor and the author of the two books with “School of Brentano” in the title, the editor of the Cambridge Companion to Brentano, the author of the entry on Brentano in the Stanford Encyclopdia of Philosophy, the editors of Themes from Brentano, the author of the book on the “Legacy of Franz Brentano”, and many others!

OZSW workshop “Philosophy around 1900”

This will already be the second OZSW workshop of the working group “Philosophy around 1900” that I set up last year and coordinate. On december 3, we’ll have presentations by Mireille Kirkels, Ragnar van Es, and myself.

OZSW seminar “History of Phenomenology”

We continue our seminar on the history of phenomenology by reading “Philosophy as Rigorous Science”. We’re halfway through and will be discussing the part on Weltanschauungsphilosophie next. We’ll probably be moving on to Ideas I after the winter break. I’m also thinking about turning it into an OZSW course.

Teaching “Styles of Science”

Together with Janneke van Lith, this period I am teaching a class “Styles of Science” on the approach of Crombie, Hacking, and Kwa to the history and philosophy of science, in the context of a minor for students from the entire university.

Coaching prospective graduate students

Together with some senior professors, I am coaching advanced research master students in the preparation of grant applications for their doctoral research. These proposals have to go through several rounds at the department, faculty, and finally the NWO. Our job is to give them feedback and help them formulate and frame their projects in the best possible way (Perhaps I’ll do a future post with the top ten tips, i.e. the things I find myself repeating a lot).

All of this, of course, on top of the regualr duties of research, publishing, and dissemination …