Philosophy as Science

Philosophy as Science: A Key Idea of the 19th Century

International conference April 9, 10, & 11, 2015, Utrecht University

Preliminary list of speakers and titles:

  • Liliana Albertazzi “The Science of Appearances”
  • Claus Beisbart “Whewell’s Conception of Philosophy of Science”
  • Arianna Betti TBA
  • Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann TBA
  • Denis Fisette “Psychology as Science. Franz Brentano and Auguste Comte’s Positivism”
  • Guillaume Frechette “The Descriptive Psychology Research Programme – Brentano’s Contribution to Scientific Philosophy”
  • Tom Giesbers “How does one put Wissenschaft in the Wissenschaftslehre: Jean Paul’s analysis of Fichte’s transcendental psychology and the problem of presenting thought”
  • Timmy de Goeij “Kant’s Campaign against the Synthesis of Empiricism and Rationalism”
  • Dietmar Heidemann “Kant’s discovery of realism”
  • Wolfgang Huemer “”Vera philosophiae methodus”: Brentano’s conception of philosophy as rigorous science”
  • Carlo Ierna “The Foundation of Philosophy as Science”
  • Dale Jacquette “Brentano and the Ambiguities of Scientific Philosophy”
  • Hynek Janousek “Husserl’s Search for Apriori Science at the End of the 19th Century”
  • Karianne Marx TBA
  • Dirk van Miert “Writing the history of science around 1800”
  • Olaf Müller “On the Very Idea of Goethe’s, Schelling’s, and Ritter’s Polarity”
  • Helmut Pulte “In Praise of Scientific Sobriety: Jakob Friedrich Fries on Scientific Philosophy, Empiricism, Criticism and the Dynamisation of Kant’s Apriori”
  • Petr Rezvykh TBA
  • Alan Richardson “Disillusionment, Inconvenience, and Scientific Philosophy: Logical Empiricism and Philosophical Modernism”
  • Robin Rollinger “Keeping Things Real: Brentano’s Metaphysical Rejection of Bolzano and Husserl”
  • Maria van der Schaar “Belief and Philosophy as a Science of the Mind; David Hume versus Franz Brentano”
  • Barry Smith “Metaphysics After Darwin”
  • Peters Sperber “An experiment with pure reason: transcendental arguments revisited”
  • Harald Wiltsche “Connection between physics, phenomenology & scientific realism”
  • Paul Ziche “Feelings, empiricism, and realism”

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