A lot has happened since the last update of this blog, way back in February. I’ll have more to say about teaching and future research projects very soon, so let’s start with publications and presentations. Due to all the teaching I’ve been doing, I’ve had less time to spend on writing, but some things that were already in the pipeline have appeared or will appear soon:

I gave my first official keynote at NASEP this Spring:

  • “Temporal topologies in Husserl and Brentano” (Keynote at the NASEP 2018 meeting Time, Memory, and Eternity, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh (PA), USA, 15-06-2018)

“In my presentation I will focus on the various ways in which Husserl and Brentano use spatial terminologies to describe the structure of time-consciousness. Not only in their time-diagrams, but also in their formal treatment of the temporal continuum Brentano and Husserl use spatial metaphors to clarifytheir position. It is well known that Husserl criticised Brentano’s discussion of time in his lectures On the Phenomenology of Consciousness of Internal Time, as well as the fact that his criticism is problematic insome respects. While Husserl mentions Brentano’s lectures and short written reports of their contents by Stumpf and Marty (Hua X, 4), he glosses over Stumpf’s own lectures on the topic, which he likewise attended. We take Stumpf’s lectures as representing Brentano’s position in this period (his “old” time theory, up until 1894), but adding many illuminating details. By using Stumpf’s lectures on Psychology(Q11/II) and various manuscripts of Brentano we can further clarify the concepts and terminology that first influenced Husserl and then formed the basis for his critique and elaboration. It is clear that already at the time when Husserl attended his lectures, the temporal extension of experience and particularly retention were complex and problematic notions for Brentano that required further elaboration.”


I also gave some more technical talks on mathematics in the School of Brentano:

  • Putting Signs out of your Mind: Externalizing Symbolic Intentionality” (invited presentation in the seminar SÊMAINÔ Γ : Depuis les Modernes. Ontologies et phénoménologies des signes, Lille, France, 23-04 2018)
  • “Infinite probability: Brentano’s justification of physics” (presentation at the twelfth international congress of the Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS) in Groningen, the Netherlands, 12-07-2018)
  • “Husserl  on the “remarkable doubling of all pure mathematical concepts”: a computational approach to axiomatic mathematics” (invited presentation at the workshop Axiomatic Mathematics and Phenomenology, Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Bucharest, 3-4 September 2018)
  • “Brentano’s Mathematical Foundation of Science and his Critique of Comte and Mill” (presentation at Brentano – Comte – Mill: The Idea of Philosophy and Psychology as Science, University of Bucharest, 27-28 September 2018)

I will post more details about my upcoming talks soon and try to keep the blog updated more regularly.