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Later this week, on Thursday 2-2, I will give a presentation in the “History of Philosophy Colloquium” (GF Colloquium) series of the department of philosophy of Utrecht University. I will be speaking about “Three Common Misconceptions about Early Husserl“, presenting some of the results (and their implications) of my research into Husserl’s early works and their development. In particular, I will address the development of his position between his Habilitation essay (1887) and his Philosophy of Arithmetic (1891) and present the conclusions I draw in my book about this period.

As this talk comes at the end of my stay in Utrecht as a guest researcher, I will take the occasion to briefly summarize the work I have been doing there, mainly on my VENI grant application and my book. I will also try to contextualize these endeavours with respect to my current research project on the philosophy of mathematics and logic in the school of Brentano.