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Though we already are in the double digit dates of January 2012, I hope I’m still in time for some New Year Resolutions!

I started the year already working on one: finding a new job, i.e. securing research funds for a new project or finding a tenure track position. My VENI grant application has been submitted, but I have to be realistic about my chances: the success rate is somewhere around 15%. Another possibility is an opening for a tenure track as Assistant/Associate Professor of the History of Philosophyin Groningen. Plan B includes (but is not limited to) applying for an extension at the KULeuven with FWO, trying again next year for a VENI or VIDI with a new project, or applying for an ERC starting grant.

Obviously, besides preparing projects and filling in forms for these applications, I’ll have to get to work on building a solid track record. Work is well underway on my first book, but I also plan to publish at least a handful of articles this year. Several are already about to be published and in the pipeline:

– A collection of (translations of) reviews of Husserl’s Philosophie der Arithmetik has been accepted for publication in the next volume of The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy.

– An article on “Brentano and the theory of signs” is forthcoming in Paradigmi.

– My paper on “Husserl’s Psychology of Arithmetic” is forthcoming in the Bulletin d’analyse Phénoménologique.

– “La notion husserlienne de multiplicité : au-delà de Cantor et Riemann” (a French translation of my paper on “Husserl’s Notion of Manifold: Beyond Cantor and Riemann”) is under consideration for publication in Methodos.

Beyond that, I am working on a contribution regarding “Carl Stumpf’s Philosophy of Mathematics” for the volume Philosophy from an Empirical Standpoint. Carl Stumpf as a Philosopher edited by Denis Fisette and Riccardo Martinelli and, together with Robin Rollinger, the SEP (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) entry on Von Ehrenfels (mostly the parts regarding the concept of Gestalt and his work on the philosophy of mathematics).

In connection with my VENI project on “Philosophy as Science”, I also plan to submit a paper to the conference “The Making of the Humanities“, and perhaps there will be some other avenues for presenting my research too.

I started thi blog mainly to post and get feedback about my research grant application and my book project, but I plan to keep it going and to post regularly about my research and other activities.