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Now that I’ve bid you welcome on my blog and gave a preliminary sketch of my plans for my book and my research project, it is time to get more concrete about the actual work to be done. In order to get a fair shot at obtaining the VENI research grant, I’ll need to put my proposal in front of a lot of people and garner feedback and constructive criticism. Here at the department of philosophy at Utrecht University I have been offered a lot of support already and there will be multiple formal and informal occasions on which I can discuss my proposal with highly qualified and experienced researchers. However, I think I will also profit a lot from feedback from a much larger, less specialized public, which is why I will try to publish the various iterations of my proposal also here. This week I’d like to complete a 1000ww rough draft of my research project and send it around internally at the department and also put it up here. Regarding the book, a significant part of the raw material I’d like to include is already “out there” in some form, but will be significantly rewritten and reordered so as to present a unitary synthesis, instead of a mere aggregate of my work. I want it to be a monograph, not a collection of essays. I’ll probably start by outlining a general structure for the book, a preliminary table of contents, and then try to formulate a “mission statement” about its aims and results. Of course all of this is pretty pointless if I do put it where people can see it, but then fail to let them know and to invite them over, so in the next few days I’ll start to publicize this blog a bit more. As I’m still pretty new to blogging and to allowing everyone to take a peek in the kitchen before the dish is ready to be served, I have to figure out how to best use this tool. Watch this space.